Maximise a Small Kitchen With These Design Ideas

Dec 2, 2023

As we all know, Sydney property prices are making people opt for smaller properties due to accessibility and affordability, and for some, a lifestyle choice. With downsizing to a smaller space, there will be an adjustment period that you go through with adapting to life with less space. Whether it be living space, fewer rooms, smaller storage space or even a smaller kitchen, less space will require that you are able to downsize belongings to keep things tidy or find creative ways to maximise a smaller space. 

Arguably one of the most important parts of a home is the kitchen, and with downsizing, it often means that you end up with a smaller kitchen. Does your home have a small kitchen? Making the most of a tiny space where you spend so much time as a family can be challenging. You’ll need to carefully plan every bit of space to ensure you have the most functional possible. 

From ensuring the spacing is right between key workstations to adding an island where possible, many different options can enhance the smallest spaces, making them ideal. The most important thing is that you love your kitchen, as it’s the heart of your home. We’ll explore the best ways to maximise the space in your small kitchen. With these design ideas, your tiny room will feel significantly larger. Read on for all the essential tips.

making the most out of a small kitchen

Don’t forget about the kitchen triangle

Regardless of how small your kitchen may seem, you must always pay attention to the kitchen triangle. If you’re unfamiliar with this concept, it’s the invisible triangle that connects your refrigerator to your sink to your cooktop. The distance between each should be minimal, and nothing should stop you from freely moving from one to the next. These three workstations are the most frequented in any kitchen, making them essential. 

If there’s anything that stops free movement between these areas of your kitchen, it can make it feel even smaller. So, when evaluating your space and trying new ideas to make it bigger, don’t forget about this essential triangle. You’ll want to ensure any new fixtures or features you add don’t get in the way.

Knock down a wall or two

When your kitchen is fully enclosed, it can seem small, dark and boxy, even when it’s a large space. Having a renovation done to create an open-concept layout is an excellent solution to making it appear much larger. Many homeowners choose this option when they want to be more social between rooms as well. The open setup allows them to interact with whoever is in the next room. 

With the open concept, you’ll also be able to entertain larger numbers of guests. While many gather in the kitchen, it’s just not possible in a smaller kitchen. With it open to the next room, everyone can interact over a creatively placed island or dining area.

Brighten things up

When you’re undertaking a renovation, you have an opportunity to increase the lighting in your kitchen which will have a significant impact on the feel of your property. Natural lighting is one of the best ways to maximise any space’s lighting. Consider adding larger windows to let in more sunlight, allowing you to rely less on artificial lighting. Additionally, you can consider installing a skylight if you’re in a single-storey building. 

When windows and skylights aren’t an option, adjusting your artificial lighting is the next best thing. If you have a cement or asbestos ceiling, a way to modernise the lighting is to hire a plasterer to install a suspended ceiling below your structural ceiling. This will allow you to install downlights and other types of recessed lighting that improve the overall brightness of the kitchen. 

With more light, the space will open up and feel bigger than it is. Additionally, you’ll have the benefit of being able to see better while completing tasks and be able to set the mood according to the activity in the kitchen.

Add a narrow island

While a full island isn’t always possible in a smaller kitchen, adding a narrow one can be. This slimmer version will help by adding more bench space to your working area. You’ll have more space to get things done and more options for places to put things while you work.

If your space is very narrow, you can also consider a temporary island fixture. A butcher block or stylish vintage table would both work and add class to your kitchen. The best part is when you don’t need them, they can be put up, freeing up space. 

Islands are highly versatile. They can be used to accommodate more storage options. Additionally, they can provide more seating options. You can eliminate a kitchen table area in honour of an island, saving more space. 

Consider narrow cabinets or open shelving

Traditional full-size cabinets will be too large for a small kitchen. Their size quickly overwhelms the small space, taking over everything in the room. The idea behind this concept is to make the wall cabinets roughly half the depth of the base cabinets.

You can also choose to install open shelving. This type of storage allows for clear views through to the wall, giving the impression of a much larger space. The eye is tricked into believing the kitchen goes on further than it does. Additionally, you can get more creative with open shelving, using it for decorative purposes. Keep in mind that the shelves need to be tidy and thoughtfully stocked to not add clutter to the room. 

Choose the optimal layout

You’ll also want to consider your available space and what will work the best. Should you have a galley kitchen? Would a U-shape work better? Planning a renovation to make your small kitchen more efficient is a great idea, especially if the current setup is more stressful than effective.

For long, narrow spaces, galleys work great. Double galleys allow for twice the workspace, making the kitchen more efficient and useful. Alternatively, if you have an oddly shaped, compact room, you can consider a U-shaped kitchen. While you’ll have two corners you can’t use, you’ll have extra cabinets that compensate for the loss of space.

Make the most of your small space

Small kitchens can be made to be just as effective as the largest luxury kitchens. The important thing is your space works for you and makes you happy. Using any of these design ideas can help maximise the available space, transforming your small kitchen into the most fabulous space you have to work with.

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