Minimalist modern design tips to consider with your renovation 

Aug 2, 2023

Choosing a minimalist modern design is becoming a popular choice with many homeowners in Sydney when considering what kind of aesthetic they are going for. Whether you are undertaking a substantial renovation throughout the home or just focusing your resources on a few locations of the home, this article will look at some tips for how you can effectively modernise your home with a minimalist approach to functional and aesthetic features. You can create a practical, sleek setup that’s both inviting and functional.

There are plenty of options for things to add or take away during your renovation to create a modern, minimalist look at your property in Sydney. This article will only look at a few of them. Increase the aesthetic value of your home as well as the functionality with a suspended ceiling, add well-thought-out cabinetry and storage to enable a clutter-free environment , use neutral or light colours to brighten the space, and consider an open floor plan. 

This article will cover these options to give you a few ideas you may want to implement in your renovation plans to increase functionality, and aesthetics, all with a minimalist style.

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Add a suspended ceiling

Modernising your home can be as simple as installing a suspended ceiling. If you have an old cement or popcorn ceiling, it can detract from the beauty of the rest of your space. The cost of replacing your ceiling can be astronomical, especially if your ceiling has asbestos in it such as with a lot of popcorn ceilings, but adding a dropped ceiling is cost-effective and provides stunning results. This article here looks at how downlights and suspended ceilings work together, read on to find out more. 

Another key benefit of this solution is the ability to add downlights where before, it was impossible or would cost an arm and a leg. Cement and asbestos ceilings are unforgiving when it comes to fixture additions. A suspended ceiling offers the perfect time to add modern light fixtures. 

A false ceiling is also great for minimalist lifestyles because it offers excellent energy-efficient benefits. From allowing you to install modern lighting that saves money and uses less energy to improving your home’s thermoregulation, you’ll live a greener lifestyle and save money.

Not to mention the sleek appearance boost you’ll get when you have a smooth ceiling overhead instead of that unsightly old structural ceiling you’ve had to live with for so long. Additionally, you can tuck away your utilities, pipes and wires that run along your ceiling so no one has to see them. Installed by plasterers, suspended ceilings can be dealt with from start to finish with the same contractor, such as Paul. 

Install updated cabinetry and sufficient storage space

One remarkable aspect of a minimalist design is the lack of clutter in all spaces. One way to achieve this is by installing adequate updated cabinetry. This will give everything a home. Based on your chosen design, you can create a sleek, minimalist appearance with the cabinets you install.

Alternatively, you can use shelving. Recessed options allow you to tuck away cords and similar things you don’t want to see regularly. These can add to the clean lines of the minimalist style while decluttering your space. Shelves work well in any room, however cabinetry with doors or the ability to conceal the contents will enable the space to feel less cluttered and in turn appear larger.

When you choose the colours for your new cabinets, keep them light or neutral. This will keep your rooms bright and add to the illusion of having more space. Consider having a space for all your small appliances when not in use for areas like the kitchen. This will declutter your counter space and make the room feel less busy.

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Select furniture with a dual purpose

The more things your furniture can be used for, the less you must have in your home. When you choose quality pieces, they look great and add to the decor. In fact, you can make beautiful furniture pieces into decorations. Consider how you can use your furniture to cut back on what you need in your home. This will alleviate clutter and add to your minimalist style.

Additionally, you want as much of your furniture as possible to be space-saving options. This will make your home appear less cluttered and look larger. Consider nesting options that tuck inside one another when not in use to further increase your available space.

Interior colour choices

When you choose your interior colours, it’s best to go for light options. Different versions of white are ideal for bringing out the minimalist modern design. Additionally, lighter shades lead to the impression that the space is larger than it is, making it feel more welcoming and comfortable. 

In addition to the walls, you’ll want to brighten your floors. Light-coloured timber, white tile, and polished concrete are all excellent options for increasing the minimalist feel of your space. You’ll feel like your home has opened with all the neutral colours.

Create an open floor plan

A renovation is an excellent time for significant changes to your layout. Knocking down a wall here or there can really open things up, especially in those older brick Sydney homes. Open floorplans create clean lines and make your space seem significantly larger. Without the inconvenience of walls blocking you, you’ll have an easier time entertaining guests or interacting with family members in various rooms.

Choosing a contractor who knows what they’re doing when it comes to removing walls is essential. If a structurally required wall is removed, adequate supports must be placed in its absence. Otherwise, you’ll be paying for cracked wall repairs, among other things.

Increase the natural lighting

Having as much natural lighting as possible is essential. It will reduce your dependence on artificial lighting and enhance your available space, providing the illusion of a larger area. Large windows increase the warmth of a minimalist room and provide an excellent focal point, especially when the view is stunning. Consider installing a skylight to brighten up the hallway or the kitchen, or even the bathroom. 

Strategically adding mirrors will also increase the effects of both your natural and modern lighting options. They’ll reflect the space back, giving the illusion of a bigger expanse. Additionally, the light reflecting on the mirror can increase the brightness in the room. You’ll enjoy the simple and stylish boost to your decor.

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Always rely on a professional for your renovation needs

Whenever you plan a renovation, you must trust a skilled and experienced tradesperson for the specific job you need to complete. If you’re having plastering work done, hiring a handyperson with little to no experience in the trade won’t do it. You never know what kind of results you’ll get, whether in the short term or the long term.

To create the most stunning minimalist modern design, plan your renovation carefully, considering all the tips presented here. From modern and natural lighting to a suspended ceiling, you can create an entirely new space to enhance a minimalist style.  

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