Partition walls can make your large open plan space more functional

Apr 2, 2023

Large open plan spaces are great in theory. Large spaces that can be utilised for anything and everything, allow for lots of light and air flow. However, functionality wise, open plan spaces can present the homeowner with challenges that they may not have thought of before, namely that large spaces can be loud, cold and not as functional as you may have first thought. This statement will not ring true to a lot of people as open plan spaces are also functional in their own right, but this article looks at how open plan spaces can be more effectively used with the addition of partition walls. 

A solution for both commercial and residential spaces, partition walls enable a large space to be divided into more functional spaces which increase the functional area of a room. Partition walls are made from a variety of materials, including: plasterboard, timber, glass, steel, or concrete. Some are fireproof and durable, while others are made of soft material and are used for aesthetic purposes. This article explores the some common misconceptions about partition walls

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Partition walls won’t necessarily make your room appear smaller

Depending on the size of your space and the type of partition wall you are after, partition walls may make your space appear smaller. However, thoughtful placement and size of the partition, as well as the colour of the interior paint that you choose, these 3 factors will go further in determining whether your space appears larger or smaller with the addition of partition walls. 

The height of a partition wall can be adjusted to suit the need and dimensions of your room. Partition walls are typically sized to fit a full-height ceiling, although some designs opt for shorter wall height to create ‘nooks’ rather than separate rooms, this is more common in commercial spaces that require cubicles or separate office spaces for employees or meetings. Walls that are carefully placed with space above to allow natural light will prevent a space from feeling and looking small, yet have better  functionality. Increase the functionality of your residential space with a partition wall. 

If you are opting to make your space look and feel bigger, but need the functionality of smaller rooms, glass partition walls could be a great option. Glass doesn’t disrupt that open, flowy feeling due to light that easily passes through; in fact, a lot of spas, allied health and other commercial establishments utilise glass for their space. Glass partitions can be soundproof or frosted to block out unwanted noise and enable privacy, you may have seen this type of partition wall in medical spaces like dentists. 

An obvious benefit of dividing a larger room into smaller areas is that you can control the ambiance of the room independently, for example heating can be better controlled in a small space as opposed to open plan living, or lighting can be tailored to the need of the room for example a study will require different lighting than a bedroom, all of these features can be more refined when you are dealing with a smaller space.

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Partition walls come in a variety of materials to suit your needs

Materials that are commonly used to construct partition walls include plasterboard and gyprock, timber, glass, metal as well as exterior partition walls and privacy screens being made of bamboo, steel, brushwood and more. 

Whether you are dividing a space in your home or a commercial property, partition walls can be a functional design feature. From free-standing partitions to floor-to-ceiling wall, partitions can change the feel and style of any space, you can even have moveable partition walls that open and closed according to functionality, also known as accordion walls. Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, you can choose from a wide range of materials which will each have their pros and cons.

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Final Say

Partition walls are a versatile design feature that can be used for almost any space and purpose. Because they are generally not load-bearing walls, the cost to construct one is less than the average wall, the materials you can choose from are varied and you can even choose partition walls that open and close like accordion walls. Partition walls enable a space to transform functionally and aesthetically when they are thoughtfully designed and constructed.  

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